Saturday, June 6, 2009


We feel so lucky to live just miles from Hill Air Force Base. We have only been in this house for two years and we still love to watch the jets fly over our house. I really like it at night when they are doing their night training. It's so cool to hear!
This past week was Air Force Week and today they had an airshow. The Thunderbirds were the highlight. We are so close that we just drove up to the base and parked our car and walked up to see the jets do their awesome formations. It was so fascinating and LOUD!


  1. That is cool. We could see them on our way home from Logan yesterday as we were driving.

  2. Hey!!! I only live 3 miles from Hill too! That would be funny if we were in the same neighborhood!

  3. HAFB is the best place to watch the Thunderbirds because of the mountains as a back drop. The mtns also make the jets sound louder.

    My dad was in the AF and got stationed twice at Hill. Loved it there.

  4. AMAZING pics!!

    We saw some parachute people when we were driving back from Logan.

    They scared me a little bit

  5. weren't those fly overs last week SOOOO cool? my 11 yr old was sure it was air force one accompanied by fighter jets:)