Monday, August 31, 2009


random shrandom

i've been wanting to do this randomness thing for a while and finally just bit the bullet.

1. totally diggin the new Shakira song-- she wolf.
2. i spend way too much time on the computer.
3. i love to people watch.
4. i hate laundry. hate it. hate it. hate it! did i mention i hate laundry?
5. can't wait for disneyland!
6. think my kids are soo effen cute.
7. love cleaning the kitchen. weird, i know.
8. i HATE messes. period. i'm a bit ocd when it comes to cleaning.
9. i'm learning to sew.
10. i love me a good craft project.
11. i wish i could cook better.
12. i finally made the best sugar cookies EVAH!
13. my husband was totally shocked.
14. i despise running.
15. DESPISE it. blech.
16. i do like my bike...i mean tony's bike.
17. i'm addicted to prison break.

18. wentworth miller is fun to look at on prison break. {sigh}
19. september is my favorite month.
20. i love taking pictures.
21. i like my gno nights.
22. i hate it when people have poor handwriting.
23. sorry. i know it's not your fault.
24. i'm a bit of a perfectionist.
25. i am older than my husband.
26. only by 8 months.
27. make that 7 months.
28. i like math.
29. i'm not a very patient person.
30. my husband calls me a sailor sometimes.
31. i really need to work on not using naughty words.
32. i have braces.
33. i hate them.
34. i get them off in february.
35. i had jaw surgery and wouldn't do it again.
36. i don't like cats.
37. i love dogs.
38. i'm a little nervous with obama as president.
39. i'm the oldest of 5 kids.
40. i love chocolate in the worst way.

41. it's a love hate relationship.
42. i need a pedicure.
42. and a haircut.
43. i love texting.
44. i hate spending tons of time talking on the phone.
45. i'd rather talk to your face.
46. i love vanilla ice cream with mounds of caramel and chocolate syrup.
47. another love hate relationship.
48. sometimes i wish i could be invisible.
49. i would love to visit spain some day.
50. wow, i'm up to 50!
51. i can't believe my baby is in 1st grade.
52. i can't believe she will be baptized next year!
53. AHHH!!!
54. i love kissing my baby boy's cheeks.
55. he smells so good.
56. i miss my peeps at huntsman.
57. i love being in the primary.
58. those kids are stinkin cute.
59. and say the funniest things.....ever.
60. for some reason people are always shocked to find out i'm mormon.
61. i don't get it.
62. maybe they new me in my wild days.....
63. i HATE it when people chew gum like horses.
64. and when they pop it constantly. Come on now. SHUT UP!
65. i am pretty independent.
66. i love traveling.
67. tony makes me laugh.
68. a lot. and i love that.
69. i love watching reality shows. i know, i know. save it.
70. i can chug a diet dr. like no other.

71. i wish utah had san diego weather.
72. i love shopping.
73. just wish i could do it more.
74. i found a 120gb ipod classic in the bathroom at the mall.

75. nobody claimed it so i got to keep it.
76. i still need to work out today.
77. i rarely have cash.
78. i have a garden
79. i love having fresh green onions and cucumbers.
80. mmmmmmmmmm.
81. i have never been to jackson hole.
82. i use vaseline as a moisturizer on my face.
83. my beauty mark is real.
84. when i was little i tried to pick it off.
85. kinda glad i wasn't successful.
86. i don't like fake people.
87. i find it exhausting to have friends that always need compliments.
88. i just can't. do. it.
89. i find it quite annoying when people have to "keep up with the jones' "
90. i love my husband.
91. A LOT. i'm a very lucky girl to have found someone like him.
92. my kids are my life.
93. i love being in the sun.
94. i'm going to make a pettiskirt for my girls.

95. wish me luck.
96. bad grammar gives me the shivers.
97. i can't wait for vegas.
98. i can't wait for new york.
99. i go to bed way too late.
100. i get bored way too easily.
101. i'm done!


  1. I love reading these!

    1-13 I am totally the same.
    I love-hate chocolate too. I could eat it all day, and then I would have to exercise all day...and all night! I think I'd be ok with that.

    How fun was that, I think I'll try. :)

  2. normally i can't make it through a persons 100,
    but, yours was easy, even fun!

    love your beauty mark and your haircut-
    i can totally tell you are the oldest!

  3. I loved learning 101 things about you (although I knew some of them!). Loved it! I'm kinda hung up on the vaseline-on-the-face, though. Really? Isn't it greasy? Just wonderin'...

  4. Great list. My husband and I have never missed an episode of Prison Break. Good luck on the pettidresses they look so cute.

  5. That was fun reading. The vaseline thing doesn't surprise me at all...I've used A&D Ointment on my face for a mositurizer (even though it's for a baby's diaper rash)!

  6. I'm a vaseline girl too, not always, just when my face feels shriveled up like it's going to be sucked in! I think I knew about everything on there about you, I've never seen Prison Break - wowsa he's nice!

  7. Sailor, huh? Didn't know and don't wanna know anything else about that one, know what I mean?

  8. wow! good job..i'm still workin on my 100 things and it's been like 2 1/2 years. i'm strugglin.