Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mi Abuelita

My ever so sweet Abuelita (grandma) is very ill with pancreatic cancer. She was diagnosed in May and is quickly going down hill. It's really crappy not knowing which day is "the last day." I'm really going to miss her. She's been such a great example of perseverance, faith, service, and love. She and her husband moved their family here to the United States from Ecuador not knowing why but that it was the right thing to do. They were not members of the LDS faith but were later converted. This is why my grandma says they were supposed to move find what they had been searching for all along.
My Abuelito (grandpa) passed away one month before I was born so I never had the chance of knowing him here on earth. He is anxiously waiting for his sweet wife to return with him I'm sure. What a lovely reunion that will be. I cannot wait for the day when we will all be able to be together again.


  1. I'm so sad for you. I hope she passes in peace. Are you planning on being there? Lemme know, I'll take your kids so you can spend however long you need with her.

  2. Well said Missy. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  3. How very nice that you get to be with her before she moves to her next stage in her life. What a beautiful blessing.

  4. i am sure is is a great comfort to her having you there.
    i love that picture
    i can see and even feel the love!