Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm on the Bandwagon.......Food Inc.

 I haven't read this book but I did see the documentary.  I happened to catch a show on Oprah about it.  Now, I don't watch Oprah like I used to but that's a whole different story.  Anyway, I was completely astonished at this documentary.  I have made it a point to really watch and know what goes into me and my family's mouths.  I was super uber happy to see Clover Lane do a whole post on it yesterday.  And today she is showing what she is doing.  She even has a cooking blog.
The crappy thing about eating organic/natural is that it is more expensive.  It's a little frustrating but I can make small changes like eating natural chicken, grass fed beef, and very little processed foods.


  1. I totally paid attention to that Oprah episode. So crazy what has happened to our food sources to make them bigger. Really kind of frightening.

  2. I was just catching up with the 'heart attack' and the felt headband. I've been making some jewelry lately, but the headband would be so fun! Miss ya. Glad all is well!