Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chewing and Shedding...Oh what FUN!

Remember this cute little guy?   Well, he's still cute (and he's lucky he is) but man, oh man does he love to chew! 

He likes things like this:

and this:

Poor little Mermaid not only wants two legs but needs a new hand!

and he especially loves stuffed animals like poor Foxy here; although this WAS his toy.  Foxy lost her head.....pretty quick.

I do have to say that he's much MUCH better now.  We still have to get after him on some toys but not on EVERYTHING like it was before.  I was about ready to kill myself...or the dog.

Another not so fun thing we're going through right now is SHEDDING!!!!!!  Yeah, we just learned that he is not only shedding his puppy hair but shedding his winter coat.  Uh, yeah.  Definitely not so fun.  BUT, we did learn about....DUN DUN DUN..........the FURMINATOR and this has helped so so much I can't even tell you.  Although, after brushing him you could be Big Foot's sibling. 


  1. until you own a lab you have no idea how much they shed!

  2. Did you buy the Furminator? We usually take our dog to Pet Smart and they do it for us. However, if we could just do it at home that would be way easier!!!

  3. It's a nice little gadget. I wish I had known about it some years earlier.