Thursday, May 13, 2010

1st Grade Program

All of the 1st graders at Kenslee's school had an end of the year program.  It was so fun to see her up there since she's so darn quiet!  The program was really cute.  It was about dinosaurs and they got to make their own dinosaur shirts during school one day.  She was so proud of it and I was proud of her!  It was fun to see all the other little kiddos in our neighborhood up there as well.  They all did such a fine job!

Kenslee and her most AWESOME teacher, Mrs. Pectol.  We sure are going to miss her.  She has been WONDERFUL!!!!!!


  1. So cute! I love their dino t-shirts!! And, I recognize her teacher. I'm pretty sure she's a co-dance-mom at Rhythm Works. We had our 1st grade program last night too! It was awesome...but I'm a little sad that 1st grade is almost over!

  2. I was just browsing through some pics of Kenslee of the day she was born. Talk about time going by quickly!!! She's my wonderful sweetie pie; she looks great in her program pictures.

  3. LOVE those shirts! Looks like a great program! :)