Thursday, May 27, 2010


There were police everywhere in Time Square.  For some reason, to me, NYPD cops have a "look."  Since they were all over the place I decided to snap some pictures of them.  Can you see the "look" I'm talking about?  I can just hear their hard accent when I look at them. 

And what's New York without a pretzel?

Why is my mouth open in most of my pictures?

Street entertainment everywhere you turn on the weekend. This little kid was so cute! He sure had da moves.

So happy to be on our tour bus!  Once we finally hopped on the right Subway. :)  Ya know, it's funny.  I felt so incredibly safe here; in fact, I felt more safe in New York than downtown LA. 
I really love this place.  It's probably my favorite. 


  1. i'm always so surprised at how safe i feel there, as well.

  2. i am loving your NYC posts. maybe i need to go with you next time. you seemed to have enjoyed it way more than John and I did:) Keep posting your pics and stories!!!