Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let Summer Begin

After visiting my parents one Sunday evening we were getting ready to leave
and this is what we came out to.  Isn't it beautiful?  I just so happened to have
my camera with me and boy was I glad!

Owen LOVES to help Daddy cut Buster's claws.
He's such a big helper. (wink, wink).

Owen loves to be in the air.  I'm laying on my back.
He gets laughing so hard.  So cute!

Kenslee had her Bridging Ceremony for Girl Scouts.
She went from a Daisy to a Brownie.  She led the audience in the
Pledge of Allegiance.  She did GREAT!

This is most of her troop.  There were a few girls missing.

Miss Rachelle is the Troop Leader and will be moving to Virginia. Her
husband is in the navy and they are being transferred from
We will miss her sooo much.  She's been SUPER!  But we are excited
 that Miss Karma and Miss Tanna are willing to take the reigns. :)

Kenslee was given "The Most Wise Girl Scout" Award. :)  
That's my girl!

The girls wanted to have a craft so we went to Hobby Lobby and bought
some cheap bags and some puff paint that was on clearance and away
we went.  They decided to use them as library bags.  

The girls love to play school.  Kenslee is the teacher and it's so fun to see Kaylan learn from her.


  1. LOVE all the pics!!! I can't believe how big Owen is! We noticed that the girls are wearing some silly bandz :D

  2. looks like your kids are thoroughly enjoying summer, so far.
    that shot outside your parents is awesome!

    and your dog is huge!