Thursday, June 3, 2010

New York: THE END

While in New York we were able to go visit Eliss Island.  This was such an amazing place to see.  It was really quite touching and quite emotional.  I found myself fighting the tears back many, many times; especially when I found one of my relatives on my dad's side on the registry.  It is just amazing to me how awful these people's circumstances must have been in their own countries to leave behind family and venture into the unknown.  They were coming to a completely different and very new country.  And all they had packed were their most precious items.  It truly was an amazing place to visit and I hope that I am able to take my family back there one day.

 Immigrants on their way to America.  It took about 8-14 days to get to America by boat.  I can't imagine the smells, the sicknesses, children crying. 

The Registry Room.  Once the immigrants got to Eliss Island, they were taken into this room and waited for their name to be called so they could be checked in, interviewed, and then sent to be tested on mental stability and be checked over by a physician.

I loved seeing the American flags in this room.  It just screams Patriotism and makes 
you so proud to have been born in this country.

Once the immigrants had been checked for various diseases, tested on mental stability, and interviewed, they were then told if they were able to come and live in America.  If they didn't pass one of these or would not be able to work in America, they were deported back to their country.  After I read this quote above I started to cry.
  I have a 7 year old and I couldn't imagine a worse nightmare.

After we left Eliss Island we just tried to take in as much as we could being that it was our last day. :(  As we were on our way to the Subway we passed a really cool cemetery right in the middle of the city.  It is the Trinity Church cemetery where Alexander Hamilton is buried.  Very cool.

As we continued walking I was so amazed at how people park here!  Seriously, how is this car going to get out?!  I should have taken a picture of the other end because it was just as close.

My cute sister in law, Emily, has been trying to find a big hat and while we were at H&M shopping, she saw some and was so excited!  But when she asked me how it looked I couldn't find her!  Too bad. :(


Well, I could tell that one very stable job in NYC is garbage collector.  
They're always out.  Even late at night.

Goin Home.
Sorry Skye.  I didn't mean to cut half your face off!


  1. Those are way cute shorts you have on. You look teeny!!!! Looks like you had a great time in Fabulous NYC!!!

  2. Seriously fun trip.
    Ellis Island is on my list of to-dos.
    Great recap!

  3. my grandpa, Joseppi Falcone, came from Italy, through Ellis island

  4. Looks like you had a great time. Lots of experiences to treasure.