Thursday, August 26, 2010

Facebook Etiquette!

So I totally took this from Or So She Says and I love it!  
Can any of you relate to these?  I know I can.  Ooh, I HATE the first one. 

Do any of these things drive you nuts too?

1. Limit vaguebooking…it’s just plain annoying. It’s not surprising I don’t like this on Facebook. I don’t like it in real life. I call it "baiting" because it feels like the speaker is throwing out the bait and I have to nibble on it by asking them more prodding questions instead of them just saying what they really want to say. “I love how this day is turning out!” “So this is what they meant…” “…wonders how it happened.” “…thinks things can only get better.”
2. Only put a few of your best photos from your albums on Facebook. There’s no need to upload all 400 shots from your vacation. Pick a couple that really speak to you and upload just those. If you want to put them all online, chose a photo sharing site like PhotobucketSnapfish or Flikr and put that link on Facebook so people can go see all of them if they want to.

3. Please reply if someone asks you a question! Just like in real-life, it’s polite to respond, even if it’s just with a "yes" or "no" or other one word answer.

4. I love a good charity, but please don’t post about it every single day. I want to hear about how cruel dog abuse is and how prevalent canine euthanasia is, but if you tell me every-single-day, I’ll have to defriend you because I just can’t take it anymore!

5. Please don’t post the “if you really like me, you’d repost this” type thing. I like you and don’t like to have to prove it by posting something I don’t want to as my status.

6. Whatever you do, don’t post and tag horrible pictures of your friends. It’s just not nice! Picture me 22-thousand-months pregnant (really two days away from giving birth)sitting criss-cross applesauce and trying to video something…I was mortified!

7. There is Facebook email. Please use it for making plans with certain friends if everyone is not invited. Avoid using your status update for making plans with a select few people. It’s kind of rude and makes people feel like they’re not included.

8. Please learn the difference between the homophones
If you don't do any of the other suggestions, please do this! I know you'll be a much happier person when you are 100%  sure which word to use! 

9. If a friend hasn’t accepted your Farmville, Fishville, Yo!ville request for, oh let’s say three months or more, it’s safe to say they’re not interested in it and stop sending those darn requests!

10. In the end, remember the Golden Rule! Only put on Facebook what you yourself would want to be put on Facebook!


  1. I absolutley HATE the "repost this if you care" crap.

    And all the games make me crazy! I usually go hide those friends that do nothing but send me requests for that stuff! : )

  2. Couldn't agree with you more! My BIGGEST FB pet peeve is the ambiguous update. And I have several family members that are champs at it!

    Makes me want to punch someone!

  3. Found you through Pedaling and I just HAD to say that I love love love this!!!