Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Buggy is 5!

My little Buggy turned 5 years old this month.  Wow, does the time go by fast.  She is my little diva.  She's got plenty of attitude and knows exactly what she wants.  She's friends with just about everybody and loves, LOVES to talk.  She's such a little mommy too.  She can always be found playing house and having her baby right with her.  I love this little girl.  She makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes but I sure love having her as my daughter.
Nana and Papa came up to give her some gifts.  It's always an excitement around here when Nana and Papa are coming over.  My kids love them so much.  They're great with my kids and I love seeing that relationship bond between my parents and my kiddos.

Happy Birthday Bug-a-boo! I love you!!!

Kaylan also had a birthday party.  This year we chose to do it at good ol' Chuck E Cheese.  So the mess was made there and not at my house.  I really like that!
She had a lot of little friends there.  These group of kiddos are just about the most adorable things you've ever seen.  We are so lucky to have all of them so close to us!

Love this stance! SCORE!!

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  1. Lots of cute pictures! Kayland is so stinking cute! Colt had so much fun and just LOVES her. I think that she is a dang funny little girl... I love her sassiness :) Thanks for letting Colt come!!