Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heart Day and Such...

i found this darling idea here and tweeked it a little bit to make our own version.

i am pleased with how they turned out.......

um...yeah, don't ask me why i didn't take 
a picture of the inside.  i guess i got 
a little too excited:)

on v-day morning i wrote some little messages to my favorites.
i also made them a yummy breakfast.  i know!  
i can hardly believe it myself.  
it was fun having a nice warm meal early in  the morning with the fam
before i left for work at 6:45....AM 
(totally not diggin' the fingerprints on the microwave tho. yikes!).

a few days before v-day we found quite the surprise
on our door.  the little activity days girls
in our ward had "heart attacked" us.  so fun:) 

my cute husband sent me these at work.
it made my day.  it really did.  
man, i love that guy.

buster makes one of the best pillows in the world.

owen is usually the only boy around.  
poor lil guy.
but he seems to be just fine with it. 

and, got me some blue highlights.  
love 'em.  kinda fun!
and, yeah, i know this pic is overexposed.  
oops!  :)


  1. I love your pictures!!
    ...and your sweethearts ;))

    Best regards from Germany!

  2. wow, you really had a lot of fun with the day. what a great ma. love the blue!!