Friday, February 25, 2011


woke up to this sunday morning.
was NOT happy about it.

 but............this loverly thing came in the mail
the next day.  so that made up for it!
the mytouch 4g.  awesome phone!
no, the phone isn't scratched.
it's the screen protector. :)

 played lots 

and lots 

of cars.
found a new shade of nail polish.
it's super duper light pink.
still trying to decide if i'm a fan or not. 

 kenslee is such a great sister to her little brother.
she read him 
 a really


it's kinda nice when she's off track. :)

found this one morning on my way to the gym.

 what a cute surprise!

i was released from a calling in my church.
i used to work in the primary. 

it was a much needed thing.
it was very bittersweet. 

we have such awesome kids in there!

and...that's about it.
for now.
happy weekend!


  1. Having a "heart attack" is one of the best things ever! Nice way to be thanked for a job well done (I"m sure)

  2. Oh yes!! A heart attack!! I remember doing this to our bishops office when I was in YW!! Awesome!! And I love the nail color. Tres chic!

  3. That heart attack is such a cute idea! I love it. And I can't believe how big your kids are getting!