Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in Pictures

k, so this wasn't taken this last week but back in december at chuck e cheese (i know!).   

my b-day flowers from the cute little girl i watch. :) 

Tony getting in some homework.  yeap, those are MY pink headphones. :)

i made this yummy whole wheat bread!  i love how the whole house smells like bread. 

 i went to kenslee's class to help with a craft for their v-day party. 
this is what we made.  the kids loved it.  they even told me
that i am the best at crafts.  they remembered the little ghosts we made at halloween time.  
aww, shux.  thanks kiddos. :)

my two lil assistants came with me. 


  1. looks like a fun week....i can almost smell that bread!

  2. What bread recipe did you use?
    Your crafts turned out cute ;)

  3. I love the fact that Tony wears PiNk headphones while doing his homework! So manly ;)