Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can you believe we went FROM THIS......

this dog can't get enough of the snow.  

like the pink snow boots?  sorry owen.  that's what you get
when you're the only boy sometimes. :)

to this!!!!  In just a matter of a few days?

I love me some SUN! :)

Kenslee and the other girls that are ages 8-11 in our church went to a rehab/nursing center and sang songs to the people there.  Those people enjoyed it so much!  Those girls did a great job!

 peek-a-boo :)

This guy was so cute.  He just loved talking to the girls.  I guess he was a general authority for our church.  

 The people at the nursing center weren't the only ones that enoyed the singing. :)

Oh, I just LOVE this kid!


  1. What a great opportunity for those young girls! An experience that they will always remember.

    And just wait, I think the snow is coming back.... BOO

  2. LOVE IT! I am hoping for the same thing here. . . .I am seeing splotches of brown grass and besides my boys, nothing has made my heart swell so much in months!

  3. I LOVE those cute kiddos of your so much!!! And you look GREAT!!! As soon as I find out where I'm moving I think y'all need to plan to come and visit :D

  4. You look so HOT sitting there in the sun! (not temperature hot) You have such cute kids. I love the Garbage truck pics. Keaton and I did that every week too. Love those boys!!

  5. Cute! Will you email me the pics you have with my girls in them?