Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Half Marathon

My husband, his two brothers, and my cute sister in law ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon last weekend.  Way to go guys!

Now, I am NOT a runner.  In fact, I despise running .  I thought my husband was on the same page as me, but, apparently he's not.  A few weeks ago he just decided out of the blue that he wanted to run a half marathon.  I was like, "Yeah, ok." He went running 3 times and the most he ran was 6 miles at one time.  Race day came and he finished the half marathon in 2:08.  CRAZY!  Are you kidding me?!  Who does that?  Well, apparently the Rydman brothers do because two of his brothers did the same thing.  In fact, one brother decided he wanted to run a full marathon last year and ran from Eagle Mountain to Salt Lake.  When he was done he said it was really hard but, at least he knew he could do it.  So, he ran a marathon.  Seriously, what genes do these guys have???


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  2. Those Rydman boys are nutty! :)