Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Day of School!


What grade are you in this year?
Kenslee:  3rd.
Kaylan:  Um, I don't know.   Great.  We're off to a good start aren't we?

Who is your teacher?  
Kenslee:  Mrs. Forrest
Kaylan:  Mrs. Jordan

Were you scared?  
Kenslee:    Kind of.  Well, like a little bit.  I was excited to see my friends but a little scared to be in a new class.
Kaylan:  No!  I was so, so, SO excited!  This is sooo Kaylan.

Who took you to school?
Kenslee:  Mom 
Kaylan:  Mom

Did your mom take lots of pictures?
Kenslee:  Yeap.
Kaylan:  Yeap!

Did your mom cry?
Kenslee:  At school or when Daddy was giving us our back to school blessing?  We do "back to school blessings" every year and I get very emotional.  It's another year closer that they will be leaving their mama and I DON'T LIKE IT.  back to Kenslee's answer:  No.  She didn't cry. 
Um, yes, I sure did cry.
Kaylan:  Did you Mom?  
Me:  Yes.  Yes, I did Buggy.

Were you embarrassed to have your mom there?
Kenslee:  No.  
Me:  Why? 
Kenslee:  Because you take me every year Mom.
Kaylan:  Nope.  I just wanted my mom there.  It was fun because she took me in the bike trailer and she rode her bike!

What did you do on your first day?
Kenslee:  We did a welcome packet and introduced ourselves.  My teacher has a dog and his name is Buster!  She even spells it the same way!  I thought that was so cute.  
Kaylan:  We went to recess and then we put a stick on what day it was.  Um, then we colored a picture of us and did the Hokey Pokey.

I wanted to do something fun this year for the "Back to School" post so I decided to do an interview.  It was fun to hear their cute answers.

All in all, it sounds like they had a pretty good first day!

When I saw this face I started to cry.

Best Friends

Pardon my face but I decided to take her to school in the bike trailer.  Big mistake!
It was so hot and humid outside.  My bike has a temp. gauge on it and though
it was only 85 degrees it was registering as 95 due to that dang humidity.  Ugh!
I don't know how you southern folks do it.

Oh man, oh man.  We'll be doing this in a few years for this little guy and I will definitely be shedding some tears.

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  1. They are so grown up! Seriously... you have some of the cutest kids! :) I might cry too when Taryn starts this year... I think the new-ness of it all is what gets me, and knowing they are growing up and you just can't stop the time! I sure miss you and love you to pieces! I'm coming in 3 weeks to visit, so lets get to planning a night out with the lylas :)