Saturday, December 31, 2011


This year was very nice.  We had my parents come up on Christmas Eve and spend the night.  We decided to do this so we wouldn't have such a hectic day on Christmas visiting both families.  Don't get me wrong, we like to visit both families but it gets to be such a busy day and the kids are so tired and grumpy by the time we get home.  So this year was great.  Since we had 9:00 church we decided to see what Santa had brought and then get ready for church and continue opening up the rest of the presents after church.  Church was only 1 hour too.  Yeeehaw!!!  The kids were super excited about that one:)  I was right there with 'em.  

My dad has a tradition that he started when we were little.  He would make a "secret potion" drink before we went to bed.  It was supposed to help us sleep good on Christmas night.  We have extended this into our own little family and the kids loooove Papa's secret potion drink.  It's quite the highlight.

Poor Kenslee has to wear head gear at night and she is so strict about putting it on at a certain time.  She's so responsible.  Here she is trying to figure out how to drink the potion with it on.  I told her to take it off but she said she can't because she has to wear this for 10 hours every night.  Well, okay then:)

My sister, Tati, and her family came up for the evening and we had dinner and played games.  It was a lot of fun.

Kenslee played us some Christmas songs.  I love that she loves to play.  I hated to play in front of family when I was little but she just eats it up.

My brother and his wife and their darling newborn baby, Logan, came up to spend the night too.  It was fun.  Nana couldn't put Logan down for 2 minutes:)

Owen  And that's what he got.  Just what we need too.  I'm so sick of tripping over and stepping on cars!

Kaylan was not picky at all this year.  I was glad because I was worried she was going to be.  All she wanted was a Baby Alive and makeup.  EASY PEASY.

Kenslee wanted a digital camera from Santa and she got one!  I told her if she really likes photography and shows me she can take care of this camera then I will buy her a better one.  She's pretty excited about that..............for now.  We'll see if she's still crazy about it in a few months after the newness dies down.

Liking Kaylan's makeup?  Yeah.  She did that all by herself--right before picture time of course.  Whatever.  That girl loves her makeup.

Yeppers.  Tony gave me a cute pink bee bee gun.  I love it!  I'm a pretty good shot too.  Who knew?!  Tony is kinda shocked (and probably scared too;)) at how good my aim is.

After we opened our presents and said goodbye to my family we ventured out to Grandma and Grandpa Rydmans.  This is always a treat.  Everybody gets there and the kids go wild.  It kinda gives me anxiety to tell you the truth.  The mess makes me so anxious.  Oh well.  The kids love it and so does Grandma.  The kids were waaaaaaaaaaaay too spoiled as usual.

Darling baby Norah.  LOOOOVE her!

Kenslee was surprised by a sewing machine from Nana and Papa!  It's been fun teaching her how to sew.  I'm so proud of her:)

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