Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In April we took a trip to Moab.  Tony and his brother, Chris, decided to this race called the Moab Extreme Adventure.  It's pretty crazy.  It's kayaking (14 miles), biking (30 miles), running, rapelling, and climbing.  They finished in about 9 hours but the weather was horrible.  It started out great for a little bit but not for long.  The wind kicked in high gear while they were kayaking and, at one point, was actually pushing their kayak backwards!  They had to get out of the water and carry their kayak for about one mile.  They lost some time there for sure.  Bummer.
I guess some people quit right then and there because of hypothermia issues.  Scary!
I'm glad they did ok.  After the race Tony was feeling pretty naseous.  He was pretty much out the rest of the night.  I felt bad for him.  By the morning he was ok.  Thank goodness!

While the daddy's were doing their miserable race, we decided to take all the kiddos (yes, 6 of them!) to Arches.  They love this place and ask every year if we can go down there.  Their most favorite part of that park is going to a place called Sand Dune Arch.  It's basically a toooooon of sand and slick rocks that they can slide down.  They love it!  I don't know how much I love it because it seems like we always bring back 10 lbs. of sand with us.  I'm still finding sand in our dryer vent!

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