Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mexican Riviera

Tony and I had been planning a 7 day Mexican Riviera Cruise for about 2 years.  We thought it would be fun to go with his brothers and their wives.  We were able to get 3 out of the 5 brothers to commit.  It was a blast!  I'm so glad we were able to do this.  This was my 4th cruise and Tony's first!  
My parents came up and stayed with the kiddos for the week .  Thanks Mom and Dad!
We flew out Sunday May 6th into LAX and then took a shuttle to the Carnival Port.  We arrived around 10:30 and got checked in.  Once we got through security we were able to get on the ship by 1:00.  This was the cruise itinerary:
Sunday: Board ship and leave port @ 4:00pm
Monday:  Day at sea
Tuesday:  Cabo San Lucas
Wednesday: Cabo San Lucas
Thursday: Puerto Vallarta
Friday: Day at sea
Saturday: Day at sea
Sunday: Back to port

 First night at dinner.  Poor Jeni wasn't feel so well.  She was pretty sea sick.  She left shortly after this picture was taken.  Thank goodness she wasn't sick all week!

 2nd night at dinner 
This was also our first formal dinner.


 Troy being a ninja with the napkins:)

 Coming into Cabo

 Our ship in Cabo.  We had to take tender boats to the shore.  

 Troy and Chris are scuba certified so they did a scuba shore excursion while we stayed on the beach.  We found this restaurant off the beach and let me tell you somethin'....we were sure entertained by all the little "shows" they had going on.  There was a host and they had a stage thingy that they would invite people up to.  They would have them to various things such as pop balloons in certain positions.  It was pretty crazy!  We couldn't believe it.  I think I was in so much shock because I didn't even take pictures!!  
Our waiter, Ernie, sucked too.  He was taking his sweet time even after we told him that we had to be back at the water taxi by a certain time.  Needless to say, we were about 15 minutes late and our water taxi guy was NOT HAPPY.  Ooops!
 On our way to Lover's Beach.  Now, let me tell you that these water taxi boats are not the easiest to get on and off at the shore!  It was hilarious seeing each other trying to jump on to these suckers with the waves crashing into us!  We seriously looked like Sea Lions as we dove on top of the front of the boat!  I didn't feel too stupid as soon as I saw everybody else looking the same way!

Jeni and I at a cave near Lover's Beach

 We were on our way back to the ship when these two guys (there were actually three but one of them had turned the corner when I took this) came strolling down the street like nobody's business.  I HAD to take a picture.  Apparently another lady had to do the same thing.  She was running like a mad woman with her iphone to capture a picture of them.  She made me nervous because I thought, "If they see me and her taking a picture of them, they will shoot us!" I was kinda nervous.  But, I got the picture:)  Safely!

 Me dancing with our waiters Dejan and Milan.

 DANCING!  There were plenty of opportunities to dance and I loved every second of it!

 Our excursion friend, Paco, in Cabo.  He was a really nice guy.

 Once you were ready to get off your water taxi and onto the shore there would be a bazillion guys there waiting to take your stuff for you.  And, not for free.  I swear I felt like I was tipping everybody that looked at me by the end of the day!

 A restaurant we passed while we were in Cabo.  I made Tony stand there:)

 We had some friends that had gone on the same cruise in January.  They told us that we had to go to Cabo Wabo to eat.  I am so glad we did!  It was super tasty!  This was a restaurant that Sammy Hagar opened.  I really liked it because it had free wifi and I could use my ipod to face chat with my parents and Owen.  It was pretty cool.  The girls were at school and I felt bad not being able to talk to them because we had to get back to the ship:(

 There was an icecream cone machine on the ship and I dare say that the boys had a million of these!  It was so funny.  Every night this is where we ended up.

 One thing that I learned about my husband was that he is an eater!  A serious eater.  I had no clue!  He would have 2 or 3 different kinds of dinners as well as finish off everybody else's plates!  His brothers kept telling me he could eat a lot and I never believed it until then.  The only question I have is, "Where does it go?" 

 I was so proud of Tony for being a good sport and dancing at dinner.  

 One of the many towel creations our room guy would make.
Every night we would come to our room with a different kind of animal 
along with two chocolate pieces of candy and the itinerary for the next day.

 I love this sign!  

 On Thursday we headed to Puerto Vallarta.  I will be honest.  I was a little nervous coming here because I had checked the government travel site and it said that some parts of Puerto Vallarta were not safe due to drugs and robberies.  Later I found out that in February 23 members of the same cruise were robbed on a bus here.  Yeah, I'm glad I didn't know that while we were there.  

 We decided to go zip lining.  Now, for me this is HUGE because I am absolutely terrified of heights.  I was getting super nervous just on the ride up to the place!  I knew I would get talked into it!  I'm glad I did it but it did not cure my fear of heights.  Bummer.

 The place we went zip lining was where they filmed "The Predator." That was pretty cool.

 We had to drive through little villages to get to the zip line place.  It was an eye opener.  
We are so blessed to live where we do!

 I think one of the most exciting things to see was a WAL*Mart.  I know, I know.  How sad is that?  But, soda is not included on the ship.  It is extra!  We had to get to Walmart (even if it was Thursday) and get us some sodies:)  I loved seeing everything marked in Pesos and it was fun to see the candy in Spanish.  It reminded me of my sweet Abuelita who would bring us candy and it would be in Spanish.

 Loved this sign...especially the old person with the cane.  haha

 Picked this beauty up in Cabo.  Thought it was pretty great.  Love the name of it.

 Have you ever read through the "Sky Mall" magazine they put on the airplanes?  They are sooooo CHEESY!  I mean, come on.  Do people actually buy these things?!

 Tony forgot to bring his sunglasses.  I know.  Hello!  So, he bought some for $5.  Well, those broke the next day so his brother, Chris, let him use some that he bought for $5.  He broke those as well!  This is what he ended up with.  You might think well, that's what you get for $5 but his other brother, Troy, had some cheapo $5 ones and he didn't break his.

 Chris and Emily

 Jeni and Troy
She is so burned!  We had been out on the top deck reading and it was kinda cold and very cloudy.  Little did I know that she didn't have on ANY sunblock because it was cloudy.  Just goes to show you that you can get plenty of sun even through the clouds!

 Our last formal dinner night.  I loved our waiters.  They were so great!
Milan, Dejan, and Henry.

 This was a piece of art work that was in one of the elevators and we were unsure as to what it was.  Is it a person sitting naked on a toilet????

Easily one of the highlights of the trip for me.  I was in heaven!

Some funny quotes from the cruise:
*obviously these will only make sense to us--

"What room are we?"  --Tony
"You want to scuba?"
"No!  You are NOT going to bed!" --Melissa
"That was the biggest waste of a dollar!" ---Melissa
"There's the two blondes...."
"I wonder if they have wifi." --Melissa
"Do you have any balloons?"
"Are we on an Alaskan cruise?"
"Everybody is from Utah."
"Is there any chocolate?" ---Emily
"Can I have three desserts?" --Melissa
"Where is the rest of the guacamole?" --Emily
"Troy, what time is it?"
"Where's Ernie?!!"
"Oh, are you waiting for me to order?" --Melissa
"Vladamir, Shmirnoff, Gladamir is not going to be happy with us!"
"No gracias"


  1. looks like an awesome cruise! how fun!!!! I LOVE cruisin. I think we should get a bunch of our friends together and go sometime. it would be a blast!

    on a side note, Troy is SO grown up. I don't think I would even recongize him if I walked past him on the street. I haven't seen him since he was probably 10. :)

  2. So fun!!! We definitely need to do a trip together :D

  3. It looks like you guys had TONS of fun! Jared and I actually went on that same cruise (same boat even) in March! I recognized the "black pearl" restaurant. So much fun!