Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Fall Ya'll!

We took the kiddos to see the funny witches at Gardner Village.  The girls thought it was fun and Owen wasn't quite trusting of these fake witches.
Sunday we took a drive up the canyon to Snowbasin to see the beautiful leaves.  It was gorgeous!  So glad we went this year.  Usually we wait too long.

Disneyland, Sea World, Beach!

This year we wanted to take the kids to Disneyland and Sea World.  The girls have been before but we left Owen home with my parents the last time we went.  And with Carsland that is now opened at California Adventure, we HAD to go.  We also wanted one last family vacation before the little one comes.  Who knows when we will be able to take another one!
We even ran into some friends, the Harris'.  It's always funny to me when you run into people you know outside of the state:)
One thing that we always got a chuckle on our vacation was when Owen referred to our hotel.  He called it our "Show and Tell" for some reason.  He would say, "I wanna go back to our show n tell now." Pretty cute.

 Owen was being such a little stinker!  He did not want his picture taken.  This was the best we could do......

  They did such an amazing job at replicating Radiator Springs.  It was amazing.  That was definitely the highlight of the day:)  Owen was about 2 inches short of being able to get on the Lightning McQeen ride but we were not leaving until we figured out a way to get him on.  Well, Tony and Kaylan both took their socks off and rolled them into Owen's shoes.  It worked!  He loved that ride!!!

 Kenslee on the sky ride at Sea World.

 On our flight home Owen was studying ever so hard at the emergency pamphlet on the airplane.  Shortly after, he threw up:(

Carsland at night:)