Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas 2012

Since moving up North we have found that Ogden does something called a Christmas Village.  It is super cute.  The kids love going to see the lights, that is, until they get cold.  

Very preggers! 

Owen LOVES to get his picture taken ;) 

This year it was our family's turn to choose a couple of families to do a Sub for Santa.  My side of the family all chips in what they can and with all of that money we get presents for two families.  My kids had a great time choosing things and it's always fun to see how far we can stretch the dollar!  We were able to buy a lot of stuff for $130.  It was so fun to see the smile on these cute families' faces.  Our kids' faces were priceless as well and made them realize how lucky they are to have what they do.