Monday, March 11, 2013

1 Month

My little guy is already one month old!  Time is going too quick!  He is such a good little guy.  He is sleeping really well through the night.  He wakes up twice and goes right back down.  It's so great.  He's a good nurser.  This is totally new and foreign to me.  I've never nursed this well with the other kids.  I'm really enjoying it.  He's a cuddler.  Big Time!  That's totally fine on most days but sometimes it gets a little difficult to get things done.  Oh well.  He's my last so I will enjoy it while I can:)
I'm still a little shell shocked that we have an infant in the house again.  It's been so long that I felt so out of the loop but I think we've got things down a little better now.  
The kids are really good with him and so is Buster;)  I've already had Kenslee watch all 3 kids on her own for a couple of hours.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.  I totally was!  I kept staring at my phone during dinner!  We got home, walked in, and saw Kaylan and Owen playing nicely and Kenslee was holding Bentley all wrapped up in a blanket and sucking his binkey.  She had even changed his diaper.  I was so impressed I almost cried!  We are truly blessed to have such a good girl.  She reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger.  I was the oldest of 5 kids and remember all too well babysitting my siblings.  Kenslee isn't your typical 10 year old.  She's very very mature for her age.  I'm very lucky.  She's such a GOOD KID.  I feel very blessed to have her in our family.

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