Wednesday, July 31, 2013

6 Months!

Time is flying by.  I'm so sad that Bentley is growing up so fast.  It seemed with the other ones I just wanted them to hurry and get to the next phase but now I'm wanting it to slow down.  Bentley is such a good baby.  I am very lucky and blessed to have him.  He has brought so much joy to our family.  The kids absolutely adore him....even if he does spit up a TON.  He started rolling over on May 2nd and now is a pro at it.  He gets up on his knees and tries to scoot.  He rolls to wherever he wants to get.  It's pretty cute.  He knows his siblings and I love seeing the excitement he gets when one of them enters the room.  It's so cute.  
He has been eating rice cereal and loves it.  I have tried giving him green beans which he doesn't like very much but he seems to do okay with green peas.  I haven't introduced fruits yet simply because I want him to try to like the veggies first.  We'll see....  He got his first tooth on July 29th!
One thing is for sure though.  We sure love our little man :)

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